The Hardest Day

Monday was without a doubt the hardest day in my life thus far.  Not knowing what was going on with my little guy was so difficult.  Between forcing him to eat formula, sticking him for blood multiple times, him throwing up four times (for the first time ever) and the possibility that something was really wrong …. yea that was definitely the hardest day in my life.

And then baby E slept for about 7.5 hours that night which would have worried me had he not acted himself (finally!) the next morning.  (D was convinced he’d slept through a feeding–I assured him he did not as I am not one to sleep nurse!)

The doctor said she would have the results around noon and would call as soon as she could.  Noon came and went.  12:15, 12:20… I took a shower expecting her to call while I was out and left D my phone.  Around 12:25 when I got out of the shower D and I decided to wait until 1pm then to call the office.  Around 12:35 she finally called.

His labs came back and look great!

Basically, a higher than usual level of jaundice (it should pretty much be zero at this point and he is at 6.5) is most likely caused by one of three things: breastmilk, anemia, a problem with the liver. His liver is functioning perfectly and he isn’t anemic.  That leaves breastmilk. We’re supposed to monitor his eyes and if they look yellow at the end of next month, to call so they can run numbers again.  Really hoping this goes away quickly!

We both needed extra snuggles!


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