Breastfeeding Surprises

I remember when I was younger (much younger) and hadn’t gotten my period yet.  We learned about it in school and I’m sure my mother talked with me about what to expect.  I remember very vividly being told that “once a month” this would happen and blah blah blah.

So imagine my surprise when I did get my first period and the second day it was still there.  And quite a few days after that.

I’ve noticed a similar phenomenon with breastfeeding/getting up at night.

All the books and anyone I know who has a kid or has seen a movie or tv show with scenes of newborns, talks about getting up to feed/change the baby during the night. (Let’s ignore that this assumes you actually get to go to sleep–seeing as how it is almost 5am EST and I’m still up!)

Here’s what they don’t tell you.  It isn’t a quick thing.  It isn’t as if you get up, feed the baby, change the baby and are back to sleep inside of 10 minutes.  Some evening feedings are quicker than others while some last over an hour.

It’s something I should have expected but couldn’t have been prepared for.  And it definitely takes some getting used to!

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Sara Wed writes about her life as a wife and mommy-to-be.
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