Baby E: 2 Months Old

Dear Baby E:

I can’t believe another month has passed already.  You have become such a fixture in our lives that I can hardly remember a time when you weren’t here.

You have changed so much in the past month.  From small details to bigger stuff.  You are so much more alert now and love looking around you to take in the world.  You no longer close one eye and look at us suspiciously.

In the past month you also started smiling and what other parents have said it true–your smile melts my heart.

He’s definitely started filling out!

Although you came home from the hospital knowing how to sleep for large chunks of time but then lost that ability.  I would regularly stay up with you until 3, 4, 5, 6 or even 7am!  I was slowly losing my mind!  I’d read about white noise but thought it was a myth.  Then one day I decided why not — and it worked.  It was amazing.  During a changing I turned the radio to static when you were crying hysterically and after a few minutes you quieted.  I was sold.  That night we swaddled you and put on the white noise (an app I downloaded on my phone!) and like a miracle–you slept.  Even though you still don’t sleep through the night, you sleep.  And that makes for a happy mommy.

Your doctor was worried last month that you weren’t gaining enough weight.  That’s no longer the case.  At your most recent doctor’s appointment you had gained an ounce a day–which is exactly what you should gave gained!

He looks so grown up!

We also started giving you a bottle.  Daddy realized that you would work so hard and not get much milk so we finally got you a wider flow nipple.  You’ve slowly started taking the bottle but still don’t love it.  We keep trying and eventually you’ll get better at it!  You still hate the pacifier and I’m not sure that will change anytime soon!

I’ve started realizing that when you cry it really means one of four things: hungry, tired, need to poop or need to burp.  It’s just a matter of figuring out which one.  Your hungry cry is also the most amusing in some ways.  You whimper and cry for a few seconds and then suddenly start screaming as though you haven’t eaten for months and people are starving you.  Daddy and I giggle when it happens.

You absolutely love playing on the activity mat Pop-Pop bought for you.  When daddy makes the bird sing or the bug move you go absolutely crazy with excitement!

In the two months that you have been here I can honestly say I’ve never been upset with you–even when we used to stay up until so late in the morning!  You have been such a wonderful addition to our family.  Each and every day your daddy and I look at you and are just amazed.  We’re amazed at how beautiful you are.  Amazed and how much you’ve grown.  Amazed at all the new things you can do.

We love you more than I could ever say.




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