And the Saga Continues…

I wrote earlier about how baby E still has jaundice and we were going to have to do 24 hours double whammy: formula and in a bottle.  [You can read it here.]

Well the day started off well enough.  E took the bottle from D, we were all surprised and thought this is going to be easier than we thought.  Boy were we wrong.  I last nursed E around 5:30am.  He woke up at 9:20am for his bottle.  Between when I last fed him and 3pm he’d eaten around 2.5 ounces of formula and slept for a grand total of 30 minutes but not continuous.  We called the doctor who assured us she’d never had a baby starve himself and that while she’d like it to go to 24 hours, if he still hadn’t eaten by 5pm, to nurse him.

Also during the forced formula time we noticed his eczema was getting worse and asked the doctor about it.  More vaseline.

Well baby E was tired and since he was sleeping on mommy’s lap, he slept until 5pm when he awoke (i.e. erupted) and quickly downed one ounce when D offered him the bottle.  He got another 1.5 ounces in him and a little more over the night.  D had a meeting Monday morning so he went to lay down and I was holding E in the living room watching tv.

Around 1am he woke up screaming but didn’t open his eyes so I shoved the bottle into his mouth (gently I promise) and he started sucking.  He got about a quarter of an ounce in him then he fell asleep again so I put him in his crib.

This morning E took the bottle from D and we were thrilled.  Off to the doctor for blood work to test and see if the levels went down…

Not a happy camper…

D came home from his meeting and we all took a much needed nap.  The doctor called and the news wasn’t good … his levels hadn’t gone down enough.  That meant we needed to bring him back in tomorrow morning for blood work.

I almost made myself sick crying I was so upset.  I pulled myself together and D and I discussed what she’d said (he spoke with her) and called her back.  She answered all our questions and explained if it isn’t breastmilk jaundice (which she still thinks it is) then it is one of two things: anemia or a problem with his liver.  I asked why we were waiting until tomorrow morning to do the testing and she seemed surprised that we’d want to come in that afternoon but said that would be fine so I fed him and we headed out.

We arrived in the parking lot, I parked, and E vomited–three times.  He’s never thrown up before just some spit up.  And in a colossal mommy fail we didn’t have any paper towels in the car (fortunately I had two blankets in the diaper bag so we used one of those to mop it up) AND I had just taken our spare outfit and left it at my parent’s house and forgot to replace it so I had nothing clean to put him in.

They immediately take us back and we undress him.  As the doctor (not our usual doctor) walks in, he vomits again.  :-/  My poor baby.  The doctor knew about the formula and attributed the vomiting to that–as did D and I.  His color did almost immediately improve from the red D noticed earlier which we took as a positive.

They then try really hard to get a vein to draw blood from but sadly they can’t reach it — his veins are just too small at this point so it is on to two more heel pricks.  And more tears from mommy (and some from daddy too).  And now we wait…

Hoping my little boy is fine and we can put this behind us and focus on treating his eczema. When we got him home to change him he was acting more like his usual self which is always a good sign …

I think today might have been the hardest day in all my life thus far.  I sincerely hope so.

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