And they’re here …. 5 months later

Life has been so unbelievable lately.  I’m now a mom to three as the twins (L and A) arrived mid-January.  We’re all trying to adjust and some days go much easier than others!  I cannot believe the twins are already 5 months old — close to 6!  Soon they’ll be eating and crawling (A is already trying to) and talking.  I have lots and lots I need to write about and am going to try to work harder to actually do that.  But for now I thought I’d start with a family picture.  This was taken when the twins were 5 days old.  Look how cute E looks!

I promise I’ll come back soon and tell you all about their birth story, sleeping/eating, etc.


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My Last Pregnancy

I’ve been pregnant twice and (assuming all goes well) I will have three kids as a result.

Unlike a lot of women, in general I’ve loved being pregnant (though I will say being pregnant with one baby without a toddler at home?  MUCH easier!).  My OBs are constantly commenting, positively, on my attitude.  There are aspects that are physically unpleasant.  Of course.  But overall?  I’m very happy being pregnant.

It’s about the only time in my life I’m not self conscious about the clothes I wear!

But this is my last pregnancy and in many ways I’m conflicted.  I wanted four kids but that just isn’t in the cards for us.  I know that and am working on coming to terms with it.  Maybe when the twins arrive I’ll feel like the family is complete.

But even so, there is something strange about knowing this is the last time you are going to do something — whether it’s go to class, walk down your street, or in my case, be pregnant.

To know that this is it.  The last time.  The last time I’ll be pregnant.  The last time I’ll have a baby.  It feels like an end.  An end to a big part of my life.  And an end to a part of my life I’ve been looking forward to for years.

I’m trying really hard not to be sad about this being my last pregnancy.  It’s a good thing to be pregnant (in my circumstances) and it’s ok that I make the conscious decision to stop.

But it’s still hard knowing that it is over.


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And then he was two

I cannot believe it but my little guy is turning 2.  Two!

I remember finding out I was pregnant.  Seeing that second line and waking D up to see whether he saw it too.  Then the uncertainty of a second pregnancy test that said I wasn’t pregnant.

I remember telling all four parents that they were all going to be grandparents for the first time.

I remember sitting in the same chair I’m sitting in now when I felt him kick/move for the first time.

I remember how annoyed certain family members were that we didn’t want to know if he was a he or a she.

I remember the day he was born.  I remember all the tests I did to make sure he was ok and then being told my fluids were too low, it was almost 41 weeks, time to have a baby.

I remember 34 hours of medically induced labor and never progressing.

I remember D announcing in the room after delivering E that he was in fact a he.  I remember asking D if he was sure and D turning to the anesthesiologist for confirmation.

I remember holding him and kissing him.

I remember the fear when his billirubin number was too high and how much he looked like an alien under that heat lamp.

I remember being told I wouldn’t be able to nurse him (boy was that lactation consultant wrong!).

I remember taking him home thinking he’s really ours.  He’s real.

I remember moments being so tired I would literally hallucinate.

I remember sitting in this same brown chair just staring at him or holding him on my shoulder.

I remember the first item he traced (the red yoyo) the Chanukah after he was born.

I remember the first time carrying him across the room when he lifted his head himself.

I remember tummy time and trying to get him to turn his head.

I remember that infection and sitting with him in the hospital while nurse after nurse tried to take his blood.  Only to find out the sample was just contaminated and he was going to be fine.

I remember the first time he sat up being so surprised and impressed.

I remember all the hugs, the smiles.

I remember his first day of daycare and how I barely survived.

I remember the first time he walked.

I remember how excited he was when we moved into our new house.  How thrilled he was to go to “my room.”

I remember all those words he now says so effortlessly.

I remember his first sentence from just a few days ago: “No daddy haha.”  And another sentence from tonight: “Mommy sit down.”

And I remember how much I love him.  And how much I miss him still when I’m away.  And how much I miss bed time when I have a late meeting.  And how much I love the way he runs up to me when I go to pick him up from daycare.

He is my baby.  And will always be.  But today he turns 2.  And in many ways he’s not my baby anymore.  He’s growing up.  Becoming more independent.  And while that’s good — and I’m glad — it’s still hard.  I still think of him as my little baby.

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And then there were two…

I felt it was time for an update.  It’s only been almost a year after all!

So what’s the big news?  Is it that we bought a house?  Nope.

Is it that we found out E is allergic to dogs?  Nope.

Is it that our good friends E and P had another baby (this time a girl)? Nope.

Is it that I’m pregnant and expecting twins?

You got it!

And yes … twins.  As in two.  As in one more than one.  I’m due with twins in January.

And since everyone (and I mean everyone — including E’s allergist, my colleagues, a former student’s parent, etc.) feels comfortable asking if they are natural or IVF allow me to just address that here — they are natural.  Completely natural. (I’ll hopefully get around to writing a separate post about how those questions really upset me — not for me but for others but we’ll see.)

So yes, it was a bit of a shock.

And it prompted buying the house. And it prompted having our parents move in to help us.

It’s changing everything.  And a lot of that is quite scary.

But I am so excited to hold those two little babies (like E we aren’t finding out their sex ahead of time) in my arms not too long from now.

I’m due January 30th though everyone laughs at the idea of me getting even close to that date.  My OBs have told me I won’t be allowed past 38 weeks.  That puts us in mid-January.  And I’d be ok with that.

This pregnancy has definitely been harder than my single pregnancy with E.  But it’s temporary.  And before I know it I’ll hold those two little babies in my arms and I’ll barely remember being pregnant.

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Baby E Update

I know … I know … I suck.  I can’t blog to save my life recently? I don’t know why.  Between working two jobs (one full time and teaching Sunday school), taking/picking E up from day care, getting E ready for day care (it’s amazing the time involved), volunteering with the youth group, going to synagogue, blah, blah, blah, you’d think I’d have tons of time.  But alas I don’t.  I think of blog ideas …. but then never get around to posting them.

Anyway, while E and D are currently napping I thought I’d take a minute and update how he’s doing (and maybe us in general).

So (forgive me … it’s been so long I can’t remember the last thing I wrote!) life is busy (obviously) but generally pretty good.  We’re trying to buy a house (once we find it) and when that’s settled will maybe start trying to have another baby.

E is doing amazing.  At his 15 month check up he weighed 20 lbs (he’s small!) and was 29.5 inches tall.  I still can’t believe I have such a tiny baby but I’m fine with it!  Apparently his gross motor is delayed (D didn’t walk until 18 months so this isn’t a huge surprise) but his fine motor is great and his verbal is advanced! (What do I know!)  He can say: mama, dada, Pop-Pop, Bubbie, no, hat, ball, waffle (sort of), and hi.  He can sign: blow a kiss, thank you, please, more and milk.  He also understands some body parts (where are your: eyes, ears, head, belly button and mouth — mouth is his favorite).  D and I are constantly amazed at how wonderful he is.

D is doing really well too.  A while ago he started working full time (while he was in grad school/watching E he was working part time) and really loves his new job.  I’m glad that he’s happy.

My job is going great.  I took on more responsibility and though in some ways it’s overwhelming, it’s also really great to know they trust me so much.

Day care is fairly successful as well for E (or at least as successful as it can be).  I still miss him desperately, but I’m glad to know he’s in good hands with people who really enjoy being around him.

Our biggest baby E (I guess I should start calling him Toddler E but I can’t bring myself to do that!) news is that he started walking!

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12 Month Milestones

According to Baby Center a 10 months old can: (naturally I’m late again — he turns 13 months in a week!)

Mastered Skills (most kids can do):

Imitates others activities: Absolutely — he loves doing that.

Jabbers wordlike sounds: Yup!

Indicates wants with gestures: All the time–and he gets upset when you can’t figure out what he wants.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do):

Says one word besides mama and dada: Not even close.

Takes a few steps: Nope.  He doesn’t independently take steps.

Understands and responds to simple instructions: When he wants to he will.  So he can but sometimes chooses not to do so.

Advanced Skills (a few children can do):

Scribbles with crayons: If he holds a crayon he tries but doesn’t always get something on the page.

Walks well: Nope … but we know he’s behind on the gross motor stuff.

Says two words besides mama and dadaNope — he’s just making sounds.


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Baby E: 12 Months Old

[Oh that I had a computer in my brain — I often think out posts but then never find the time to actually write them!]

Dear baby E:

I simply cannot believe you are already a year old.  I remember finding out I was pregnant and crying as I asked daddy to come look because I thought I saw a second line.  I remember telling bubby, zayde, PopPop and savta that I was pregnant and how excited they were.  Your great grandma was so excited she couldn’t keep the news to herself.  Although your great grandpa died before he found out about you, he lives on in you — your middle name is for him.

Daddy and I have spent some time looking at old pictures and videos.  We remember the first time you tracked something with your eyes.  The first time you picked up a toy.  How excited we were at Passover when you sorta/kinda rolled over for the first time.  When you sat up without assistance.  When you started pulling up and now when you’re trying to take steps (when we’re holding your hands).

You have grown so much this past year.  You went from a semi-chubby, splotchy baby to a gorgeous thin baby.  EVERYONE tells us how cute you are, how well behaved, how attentive, etc.  They cannot believe it.

A lot of people when they see you with a baby will tell you to enjoy every second.  Although that’s a bit unrealistic since (a) I’m not with you every second of your life anymore (unfortunately) and (b) there are going to be some less than fun moments.  Even so, I have enjoyed every second of being your mommy.  I love playing with you — I love a bit less your latest trick of pulling the top of mommy’s hair to stand up.  You get so excited when we turn away from you then “boo” back to your face.

You’ve finally started sprouting some teeth.  No hurry there!  You still nurse though it’s gone down.  And you’ve started drinking soy milk (you had 1.5 t of regular milk and your lips blew up so big it looked like botch plastic surgery!).  And even though you’re allergic to plain milk, you can have yogurt, ice cream, pizza and your all time favorite — quiche!

You’re still wearing cloth diapers during the day and disposables at night.  You’re liking daycare more and mommy is having a slightly easier time taking you/dropping you off.  Though the smile I get when I come to pick you up near melts my heart.

You are so mobile now!  You can’t walk on your own but can when we hold you.  You also LOVE pulling yourself up and will try to use anything you can as a walking toy.

Many babies like music … you seem to have a genuine appreciation.  Whenever music is playing you do this little “bop” whereas you bop up and down.  It’s adorable.  And I’m curious to see what the future holds for you with regards to music.

I love you more than I could possibly say and more than I could possibly have imagined.



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E’s First Halloween

So I know some people are huge “into” Halloween.  They decorate their yards and their doors.  Hang cobwebs from their front trees.  Stock up on candy.  Plan their costumes months in advance.

Then there’s me.

I’m not “into” Halloween.  We live in an apartment and learned our first year here we don’t get trick-or-treaters.  So we don’t stock up on candy that will either sit or we’ll consume.  Since we don’t get trick-or-treaters and we don’t go partying we don’t really get dressed up either.

But this year is a little different.  Why?  Because it is Baby E’s first Halloween!

Now as much as I’m not going to get dressed up you can bet your tush I’m dressing my adorable son up.  But what to dress him up as?

I looked online and found quite a few options but none really spoke to me.  Plus they were all super expensive and what’s really the point.  So I did what anyone would do — I asked for suggestions on Facebook.  And a very nice friend loaned me a costume (picture below).

So on Halloween I send him to daycare with his “My 1st Halloween” onesie on looking adorable, naturally.  Surprise to find out when I pick him up that he didn’t nap.  Maybe he was too nervous to nap?  Too excited?

Regardless, the second we got home around 4:30 (I left work early especially so we could go out!) he passed out.  I mean literally.  We’re in the car singing to each other, I pull into the parking lot and zzzzzzzzzzzzz.  What to do?

I tossed him into his crib and decided he could sleep until 6.  Which naturally came and went.  Finally around 7 he woke up.  I quick fed him and threw him into his costume as D walked in the door from work.  He looked adorable so we took a few quick pictures and raced out the door.

And naturally it had started to rain.

Now remember, they don’t do trick-or-treating in our neighborhood so I went to my sister’s neighborhood.  We were late (8pm) and she’d already given away all of her candy.  So we went to a few houses (literally — 3) and then decided to go home.  It was late, rainy and D had work to do.

A memorable first Halloween. But at least he looked adorable!

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11 Month Milestones

According to Baby Center an 11 month old can: (naturally I’m behind again — he turns ONE YEAR OLD in two weeks — oy!)

Mastered Skills (most kids can do):

Says dada and mama to the correct parent: He makes the “dada” and “mama” sounds but not to the right parent.

Plays patty-cake: As in he’ll clap his hands? Yes.  As in he’ll “roll” his hands and “pat” his belly? No.

Stands alone for a couple of seconds: Nope.  Though he can for about a split second!

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do):

Imitates others’ activities: I’m not sure so I guess we’ll say no.

Puts objects into a container: He can do this now … I’m just not sure if he started before 11 months or now.

Understands simple instructions: When the instruction is “no” he understands!

Advanced Skills (a few children can do):

Drinks from a cup: If we hold the cut he’ll drink from it.  He actually loves doing it! (same as last month)

Says one word besides “mama” and “dada”: Nope.  He does babble and makes grunting sounds though.

Stoops from standing position: I’m not sure what this means so we’ll say no.


Someone loves pumpkin!

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Baby E: 11 Months

Dear Baby E:

I cannot believe you are eleven months old already — next month is a year.  Where did it go?  It seems like only yesterday I was feeling you kick and waiting to meet you (and find out if we were having a girl or a boy!).  And now you’re here … and have a personality … and opinions … and skills.

You still don’t have any teeth and since you still nurse … mommy is really happy about it!  I’m perfectly content for you to not get teeth until you’re well over a year old.

You are crawling now and getting around fairly well.  Though your crawl isn’t exactly the most efficient.  You sort of drag your right leg under you.  But you can stand up so I know there isn’t anything actually wrong with the leg!

You are still in a daycare and your teachers love you!  Though they don’t love the cloth diapers – but too bad!  We try to only put you in disposables at night and when Pop-Pop/Savta watch you but don’t always succeed.

You decided to spread yogurt all over your body and proceeded to erupt in hives. We’ve pretty much decided that anything that can have a reaction to your skin — will.  When you eat dairy you are fine.  When it touches your skin — problems.

You love pulling yourself up and get a big smile on your face when you are standing.  You’re still feeding yourself and are great at it.  Though you don’t eat a lot, you’re a good eater.  You love hummus, chicken nuggets, broccoli, etc.  It’s awesome!

You are such a well behaved little boy.  You love to sleep, are generally in a good mood, and don’t mind being held by other people, even those who you don’t know very well.  It’s pretty much confirmed — we couldn’t ask for a better baby.

I love being with you. I love spending time with you.  Seeing you.  Hugging you.  You’re by far the best thing to ever happen to me and the best part of my life.

With all my love,


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